Tax Agreements and Disclosures

If you find yourself under scrutiny it may be the case that you can come to some agreement with the tax authorities – but you need to take advice

Tax investigation: don’t go it alone

A tax investigation can be extremely stressful and can impact on your business and personal life. InTax is here to help provide the solution to your tax problem

Tax avoidance: pay less legally

Tax avoidance means reducing your tax burden by legitimate means. Make sure you don’t confuse it with tax evasion, which is illegal

Tax evasion: know the facts

If you are suspected of tax evasion, or have been charged with the offence, it’s vital that you take expert advice immediately

The best tax advice: consult an expert

The world of tax is a complicated place, with new legislation making things ever more difficult to keep a handle on. Better be safe than sorry: consult an inTax expert for all your tax issues

Jacqui Fleming

Partner at inTax LLP

Steve Besford

Partner at inTax LLP

For a professional, fuss-free solution to any tax problem, large or small, contact InTax LLP now

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